TAXOLOGY is a US based, minority, and female owned company with a global presence

TAXOLOGY has a wide range of income tax specialists on our staff that possess the knowledge to help our clients achieve their income tax solution.

TAXOLOGY has a strong reputation as an income tax preparation and business creation consulting company


Our Tax Specialist work with the IRS to stay up to date on changes in the tax laws and translate all IRS rules and laws into language you can understand.


Our Tax Specialist receive extensive training and work with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your taxes are done accurately


Our Tax Specialist are trained to identify differences in returns prepared by others which usually result in more money for you.


Our Tax Specialist provide guidance and advice tailored to your occupation or tax situation to help you maximize your tax refund.


Our Tax Specialist works side-by-side with our client’s to prepare and file their income taxes.


With all the recent tax law changes, chances are your tax situation has changed and with the new IRS enforcement rules also in place it’s more important than ever to make sure your tax returns are correct and compliant

We work with all types of individuals in almost all circumstances. That  includes employees, those receiving unemployment, self-employed, and government benefit recipients. Give us a call I am sure we can help you!

We offer a seamless and secure online filing process for clients both locally and out of state.

We are income tax professionals who are registered with the IRS, and up to date on all the new tax laws.

Questions and Answers

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I live in a different State.

We service All States!

Can I meet with you?

We can meet Zoom to discuss any issues!

Does Taxology have a Facebook page?

Yes we do! Click here to go to our Page!

How do I send you my documents?

We have a secured portal to upload your documents!

How can I reach you?

Call the office or message me from the Website.

Are you hiring Tax Preparers?

Visit our Hiring page to Apply.

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